Shellie Benellie

Me and My Life
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2003-05-24 18:02:23 (UTC)


I swear to goodness! Your going to get pissed at me for
something I write in here yet you dont want to talk to me
about ... what is that? why even start it if your not going
to finish it. It's not important but you can start it.
GGGRRRRR what the hell I don't understand. I can say
nevermind and then you get pissed but I can't was it and
you know I'm right. It was important to you last night but
its not important now. No things dont change like
that. ... and back to what I was saying last night! I'm
sick of ahving to worry if im going to get pissed and with
you asking if I'm pissed when I am mad hun you will know.
Most the time you can see it on my face so I don't see the
point in asking. I realize that we are not as close as we
were before Spring Break and the summer is just going ot
make it worse with one of us not being here!! I understand
that you may not be able to forgive what ever it is that
you thought I did (me having no clue what it is!!). I mean
I think what ever it is that we get pissed at eachother at
we being "best friends" should be able to get over it and
become better friends! ya know... but it doesn't seem to be
working that way... And about Larry ... I don't care if you
go out with him I really don't. I just wish you would here
and Nina for what we were saying and understand that it is
my opioun and that you have to make the choice for your
self... I just hope you don't get hurt and if you do I
really hope you feel that you can come to me with it. I
will always be there for you no matter what "we" are going
through. I was the one there when you thought you had to
move and when all the fight with Aunt Chelle happened. I
will always be there and I just hope you will be the same
for me when I'm down and out and don't feel like living
anymore. We have had this friendship since FIRST GRADE.
come on the only person you been freinds with the same is
Nin. No matter what happens I know that I will try as
hard as I can to understand and not tell you I told you so
or be inconsidate to you! We use to be inpartable and
know its just like friends for convinonce. Friday chill
sat bowlin and then stay over and know its gotten to the
point of calling eachother maybe once a week and if even
that! I duno this is just how I feel about and I want to
know how you feel about it and I want you tell me so when
you read this... get a hold of me so we can if you want to!!

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