Montana bound
2003-05-24 07:29:19 (UTC)

She's writing him a letter

Well, the decision may be made for me. Jessica called
me tonight and told me that she ran into Brad at Taco Bell
today. I don't remember every word distinctly, but I
caught the general gist of it, that being he looked
depressed or something and she was having a bad day and he
tried comforting her, I think. When they got to her grandparents'
house, she and her friend decided they were going to write him a
letter about some things. I wasn't really paying monumental
attention. At the time, I wasn't certain what
to feel.
I spoke with Allison on the phone earlier today. I was
cleaning in inside of the Rodeo and she was cutting her
hair, so we didn't really have a serious conversation, but
we talked a bit. I didn't get to present my problem to
her, but I feel better about it regardless. She asked if
I'm going to Dusk Til Dawn at the drive-in on Sunday, and
hoped we'd meet up there.
After getting home from the drama banquet tonight, I
talked to Jessica and she told me that.
I'm both relieved and disappointed. Relieved that, if
Jessica is focusing on Brad again, I'll be free to carry on
with Allison with no worries. Disappointed, however, that
Jessica--for the time being--no longer considers me for a
I suppose I can try to figure something out tomorrow.
She's going to stop by to pick up the money I owe her from
the choir concert and I'll see what happens then.

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