Queen Kate

my life in words
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2003-05-24 02:42:19 (UTC)


Red haze fills your eyes up to the berm,almost over
flowing. You only think of what is happening next, then
your body tences up. Everthing seems unreal and then it
comes, you see the gate of pearly white light shining
calling to you saying, "follow me! come to me!" and you are
probably thinking what the fuck? and you go to it. Then you
get up to it and there is a fucking long line of people,
just tons of people lined up waiting, some desupting about
who cut who. Then you wait for the longest time! Once you
get to the front of it and there is a guy with a hugmunguse
book and you give them your name, then they look you up and
you go over every detail of your life. if you have more bad
things you did you go to hell and if you have more good
things you go to heaven. Well if this is what really
happens when you die then it might not look to good for me.
Like my least favorite rapper once said, "I'm going to
hell! Whose comin' with me?" that is whats happenin' to me!

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