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2003-05-24 01:28:18 (UTC)

And Now, The Other Side...

Yesterday I wrote about all the frustrating things that
happened to me last week. Today I'll write about some of
the good things that happened.

One of my favorite quotations is from Abraham Lincoln "You
are only as happy as you make up your mind to be." I've
found that if I wake up in the morning with that thought
then I usually do have a good day. It becomes a
self-fulfilling prophesy.

The good news:

When Karen called to tell me that choir had been cancelled
this week she also told me that the quilt show had made a
profit of ove $400. This is not a small amount of money for
a church with fewer than 40 members.

While I didn't see the doctor I had received the results of
my mammogram which showed everything as normal. That's
certainly good news. Also, I had my blood pressure checked
and it's down lower than it's ever been. I know that 120/85
is not the greatest but for me, it's good so I'm happy with
it and I'm going to keep on trying to get it even lower.

John has been on vacation this week which means we've been
spending more time together and that I enjoy and treasure.

The weather has been steadily improving and becoming more
and more like spring and summer should be. I'm finally
feeling that winter is over. The flowers are blooming and
the birds are singing. The lambs are gamboling over lush,
green fields.

There's always another side, isn't there?

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