evil thoughts
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2003-05-23 20:39:13 (UTC)

not ###### fair

drew's mom is such a bitch. she said that drew's
grounded for the weekend cuz i was in his house when she
wasnt there. #### her. i dont give a #### what she says.
nobody can keep me away from my boyfriend. not even her.
this is a guy that even my parents approve of. but
apparently, drew's mom don't like me. at least drew and i
got a little kissing and cuddling in before she got home.
i love him and nobody's gonna stop me from loving him or
seeing him. we're gonna probably get around his mom and go
somewhere together. i hope his mom forgets that he's
grounded and lets him come over. cuz he's gonna kick
erik's ass when he sees him. that's why i was over at his
house. to tell him that the short little annoying bastard
was over here at noon asking if i can come out to play. he
knows that i love drew. he's not gonna get me either. i'm
always gonna be with drew. always.