All That I Am
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2003-05-23 20:26:24 (UTC)

Five Finger Discount

I've just robbed Central Texas College blind! Well, with
the help of my dear sweet mum. She just gave me over
$800.00 in books! Psychology, English, Computer, Business,
Lit Class, and then some. I don't know what I'll do with
them or if I can use them for future courses but I'm not
complaining. I have 3hrs left and then after I go home to
change and then get my laundry, I'm heading over to mum's
house to help her pack, use her washer/dryer, and eat up
all her food.

I'm so incredibly bored right now. I was going to try and
copy this keyboarding tutorial program on a cd for mum but
of course Bill, the boss, just came back from lunch so I'll
have to wait. I was thinking about getting a
this weekend...I mean if I'm going to move anyway there's
not harm....but then again I'll probably end up waiting
until I actually move. My bathroom really doesn't have any
room for a litter box anyways. All the apartments I've been
looking at though allow you to have pets. I asked my mum
for a $1,000.00 so I can move to a new apartment like now
but she said no. Oh well, at least I tried. Okay I have
nothing else to talk about and I'm getting anxious so I'm
outta here. Later.