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2003-05-23 20:12:20 (UTC)

What the fuck

So when I go to work, I am fucked. Simple. Fucked. I have
no pants to wear, I can get by wearing grams shoes until I
can afford my own, I have no black leather belt, they will
give me a shirt when I get there. Then I will pay them. I
havent gotten a hold of Barry to ask him if he will forgive
me and let me move into the trailer but I cant pay him
until I get money and who knows when the hell that will be.
I start work possible on the 31st, Sherry-Lynn will call me
tomrrow and tell me. I still havent asked about grad. Fuck.
I need to ask dad but dad is in the whole big time too. Damn
I cant wait until I can get somewhere, fuck. Then Danielle
is gunna come move with me in June maybe so I have to make
sure I have an appartment or something by then. Then
Justene doesn't know if she is coming to live with me or
not. Then I am at the point where I dont know how I am
going to live without her. But...I want to, but I cant. But
at the same time I dont want to. Damn its twisted.

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