Bonnie Rey

The beginning... It's easier from h
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2003-05-23 20:09:41 (UTC)

getting use to it

Well it's been awhile since I first came out to anyone and
I have started to come to terms with it. I have told 4
people about my true self and there are many that I wish I
could tell. I'll be able to someday. Anyway, I've been
getting into chat rooms a lot lately.. I go the the "girls
only" chat rooms and talk to women like myself. It makes
me feel good to talk to people like me who are my age. We
joke around and flirt. We also have serious
conversations. One thing that I have found out is that
women are just as horney as men, they are just a lil more
discreet (well sometimes). I really do like women though.
I'm not questioning what I am anymore. I know. I just
have to find a way to let everyone else know. That will be
a later story.


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