Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
2003-05-23 19:23:46 (UTC)

1st day of vacation

New Hobby: Purchasing products at OfficeMax, and filling
out their rebates for totally free items.

New Headaches: Getting the new things purchased at
OfficeMax to work properly on the computer.

Did you know: If you are using Windows 2000, or XP, that
sometimes, if you are sticking a new card in a PCI slot,
that you have to go to the Registry and monkey around in
there to enable permissions to USE it? I was dumbfounded
for long hours (days, even) before I found someone with the
same problem posted on a message forum... Sheesh, thanks
guys! (Sarcasm, directed to those Microsoft engineeers)

Currently reading book on Operating Systems; interested in
drumming up one on my own...;)

Finally got my NEW sound card to work, and then, after a
few more RE-BOOTS, got my NEW modem to work, but then
noticed that the NEW sound card just disappeared... LOL,
this computer stuff can be an absolute NIGHTMARE
sometimes! Now, I got to take the case APART again, maybe
PULL the sound card out, and RE-PLANT it into another PCI
slot... sheesh... and Windows2000 takes FOREVER to load

Also, bought a used Lego Bionicle game for the gameboy
advanced, but upon turning on the machine, it flashed
quickly before being dead. I thought it was the game, but
then I was led to an insight that it could be the AC
adapter that we bought for it, and sure enough, it works
fine with batteries.... hmmmmmmmm, now to investigate why
the adapter fails......(time to pull out the ole