hello kitty cat
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2003-05-23 18:58:40 (UTC)


Well, last night Stephanie and I met Katy, Alex, and
Candice at Mike (Garcia),CHeeze, and Erik's.....(we were
supposed to meet them at Spider House first but Stephanie
are ALWAYS late) we had a great time. It was really strange
I haven't hung out with all those people together in maybe
2 years. Mike Garcia, Cheeze and Erik got a new house in Mc
Neil....we were driving there...and I was thinking
everything looked really familiar..then I realized they're
Mike's parent's neighbors..they live the next street over
on the corner house I's that insane? It's funny
what a small world it is. But anyway, the house is really
nice...I'll tell you though....I spent the very end of the
nite throwing up and I swear I must have lost like 10
pounds over night from it......oh there is so much to say
about that whole situation that I'm just going to omit for
now. Karma is going to kick me in the ass for the shit I'm