The Faeries' Revenge
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2003-05-23 17:15:59 (UTC)

Fri 23 May 2003: The Death of the Decapod

Trauma visited the house yesterday as I returned with an
optimistic start to a beautiful day and found Harry, the
little crab thus dubbed for his escape abilities, on the
floor of my bedroom, lying dead in the shards of his
crushed shell. I had known him for only a few days and had
not yet formed affection for him, but I was extremely upset
at Cricket for her uncharacteristically violent actions
toward my little crab. She had no desire to eat the crab,
but it seems she sees him as a danger, some sort of invader
on her territory. She has become very territorial since we
moved into the house and I worry it will only get worse.

I picked up two new crabs today, who are terribly
adorable. One is slightly smaller than Goyle but larger
than Ginny. The other is extremely small and has an oddly
shaped shell. It is an obvious advantage since, when she
is flipped over, she's able to clasp the longer section
with one claw and tip her balance quickly back to right
side up. I imagine she'll resent having to switch to
another shell when she outgrows it. I put in a variety of
choices while renovating their cage; I replaced the chicken
wire with a tighter weave from which escape will be
impossible. They obviously appreciate it more than the
previous kind, and immediately climbed straight to the top
of the cage to play hanging upside down from the wiring.

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