2003-05-23 16:48:18 (UTC)

Playing Catch-Up....Again

Let's see what happened this week?

I did a lot of baking on Tuesday. An apple pie, banana
bread, a white cake with chocolate frosting and a double
batch of chocolate chip cookies. I also boiled potatoes and
eggs to make potato salad.

Choir practice on Tuesday night was cancelled. There was a
meeting with the trustees to discuss who the new pastor
would be.

I had a doctor's appointment that afternoon too and showed
up 10 minutes early as requested to fill out paperwork.
After waiting another 20 minutes I went and asked how much
longer I'd have to wait and was told "not long". Another 20
minutes later I asked again and this time was told "the
doctor delievered a baby this morning so he's running about
an hour late". I was not happy. They knew this when I
first came in but hadn't bothered to tell me. I cancelled
the appointment. You'd think when they knew in the morning
that they'd be running an hour late that they'd call their
patients and give them the option of rescheduling. There
would probably be enough willing to do that so that the
schedule for the rest would be more timely. Especially for
patients who are making a special, 50-mile round trip for
their appointment. GRRRR!

Then there was the letter from the high school. "On June
2nd, a mandatory meeting with parents of the senior class
students who will be attending the senior trip is scheduled
for 7 p.m. at the high school." And what are they going to
do if we don't show up? Not let him go on the trip we
already paid for? John said he'd go. He also said he'd
wear his hat. (They have a stupid rule that kids can't wear
hats in the building. It was passed by the school board.
At the time the board chairman was wearing shorts and
sandals. He kinda lost his credability with me right
there.) I am SOOOO glad that I am almost done having to
deal with arrogant school administrators who want to treat
parents the same way they do students. BLECH!

Then today I get a letter from our insurance company. Gavin
is turning 19 in July and they want proof he's a full-time
student. Well, first of all guys he's still 18 so I don't
have to provide you with proof within 30 days because he'll
still be 18 30-days from now and secondly, there is no
requirement he be a student during the summer (like in, say,
July). They didn't say what they'd accept as proof he was
enrolled as a full time student but did say what they
wouldn't accept--a class schedule printed from the Internet.
Strange. They accepted that the LAST time. Of course,
since it's Friday before a holiday Sharon at Pope and Talbot
is out for the day and there's no answer at the insurance
company's toll free number ("please contact our office if
you have any questions"). The letter is on my bulletin
board and I'll have to take care of it on Tuesday. ARGG!

Can you tell I've had a bad week? I hope next week is
better. SIGH.