My Spiritual Journal
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2003-05-23 16:35:37 (UTC)

God Has A Plan For Your Life


Psalm 139:16 "Your eyes saw my substance, being yet
unformed. And in Your book they all were written, the days
fashioned for me, when as yet there were none of them."


Procrastinate - to postpone doing something. Especially on
a regular basis.
Inertia - inability or unwillingness to act.

Putting things off beyond the time they should be done is
never helpful.
(Matthew 8:21-22)

1. MAKE LIST - identify the areas of procrastination (with
God, your family, your job, relationships, finances,
housework, school work, study time, spiritual matters,
future ambitions)
2. BEGIN TO TAKE ACTION - Pray first, ask God for His help.
Then come up with an order of attack; you can begin by
taking care of the easiest areas first or you might want to
start with those of most importance.
3. SET GOALS - They should be very specific in purpose and
measurable in time and quantity. Put them in writing. Goals
should always have a deadline; the purpose of the deadline
is to assist you in gauging your pace. Deadline can be
modified so that it doesn't limit your flexibility but they
just increase your ability to identify your progress
towards attaining your goal. The whole purpose of setting
goals is to establish a plan that when accomplished its
completion or achievement will be recognizable even by an
objective observer.
4. MAKE GOALS REALISTIC - in order for a goal to be
constructive it must bear some semblance of reality. Not
all goals may be achieved, but all goals should be
5. EXAMINE YOUR GOALS - It is important that we realize
that the most important goals we can set are the ones
having to do with building a relationship with God. And not
all of our desires are God-given, but some are desires of
the flesh and others are from Satan. So it is essential
that we establish regular quiet and prayer time with God
and seek His guidance about the desires of our heart (both
when we listen to His voice and when we read His Word)
6. ASK GOD'S HELP - If we know God wants us to do something,
but do not have the desire to do it, we must not be afraid
to ask Him for the desire.

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