lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2003-05-23 14:58:41 (UTC)

a light at the end...

seven more times riding in the abysmal carpool. less if i
get off for good behavior. seven more days coming to
school. good behavior can't help that one. civic tour,
coming right up. four weeks until new mexico. five weeks
until hawaii. two months until hume. somewhere in-between
is basketball camp. then there's lake san antonio. i keep
counting down to every good thing.

ashlee got baptized in my pool last was tight
beyond tightness. she's so cute, and it seriously was
awesome hearing her talk about how the winter retreat
started her thinking about all the problems with the
catholic religion. i think baptism is ten times cooler
when it's intimate and stuff, so it was really rad. i felt
so sad as paul and kristen were leaving last night,
though...i can't explain, but it's brutal.

yeah and then joey and eddie and i went swimming...that was
a bucket of fun. we just sat around trying to find stuff
to throw...and using random things as weapons...all i have
to say is PLEASE don't ever leave your kid's peed-in diaper
out by the pool. there are seventeen trash cans in a five-
foot radius. it's just nasty.