Alexander Dickson

Silent Hill: Town of Unforgetable Memori
2003-05-23 14:36:45 (UTC)

The dams are overflowing! All of Mota will be drowned! Run for your life!!!!

Haven't updated for a while. Been busy with exams, and come
tomorrow night, they'll be over until next semester. Which
isn't for four months. Have Computing tomorrow. Sitting on
a fantastic 4. Which isn't fantastic at all. Its one grade
away from total failure. Got an e-mail form the head of
course saying that even if anyone got a five (which I did,
for the 2nd assignment) then you could still sit the exam.
I don't like that very much. I'd rather not have to endure
another 2 and a half hours of FAILURE just to be certified
a FAILURE. Although maybe an X next to a unit may be even
more of a FAILURE than a 5. Oh well, it'll soon be over and
then I can go home and relax for a while. Then try and get
some secret training in so next time the heroes see me I
can pretend that I've been doing some training to make me

I also want to go home because for the last week, I've been
eating nothing but rice and pasta! I spent all my money and
have had to eat the stuff I bought without realising how
crap it is. I'm a FAILURE at financial matters too! This
semster doth royally suck. At least Christine pulled
through when she cooked mesome delicious chicken and
however you spell brocolli bake. And Sarah Walker cooked me
waffles with melted cheese. Dee-lish! One thing about this
whole thing though is that I didn't lose my pride and ask
for a loan of money off of anyone but my parents, who
should be giving me money anyway. At least I'm not a total

I wonder what Ruth's up to these days. Read a while back
that her stepmothers house had been sold. Where is the new
house? Have to get the answer next time shes on. And what
of Ian and Andrew? Haven't seen either of them since new
year either. Thinking about it, I haven't seen anyone of my
friends for months except for Christine. Have to start
contacting them again. Maybe now infact.

Oh well, time for some revision.
Till Next Time Space Kittens!