Nick's Journal
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2003-05-23 14:26:01 (UTC)

Rolly Polly girl almost had a run-in with my car

so today i was drifting along campus in my car at the
casual speed of about 30 mph (speed limit 15). when from
out of nowhere this whale of a woman is in front of my
car. i couldn't even slam on the breaks so i just swerved
around her (which was a very tough task). i then realized
that i really wouldn't mind putting almost all people that
cross my path on the hood of my car. in fact the ONLY
reason why i don't want to do it is because of the hassle,
both financial and legal that would ensue. if i knew that
i could do it and be done with it, and leave them behind
without any worries i'd probably drive on the grass.
well enough pleasantries.
here's something that i've been wondering. is it a crime
to be lazy? i mean take this liberal phrase (mainly
libertarians) "let people do what they want, why should
you care if it doesn't infringe on you?" for some reason i
just think that there is something inherently wrong with
that statement but it's so hard to explain. i mean if we
allow everyone to do what they want then i think a lot of
things would break down. especially if you give that most
things that people do are motivated by selfish, hedonistic
desires. the ironic thing of course is that to really
pursue these motives we automatically rely on OTHER to not
be selfish and to work FOR us. something along those
oh and yesterday in my public speaking class this asian
stood up and said that if he were any candy bar he'd be
one with caramel......because he's yellow and
sticky........why is it that asians always lose it when
they have to interact socially?