2003-05-23 07:15:44 (UTC)

Twisted Shit

Fuck today is nothing but twisted. I talked to Erik today.
It almost seems like he still likes me. Which confuses me
because technically he dumped me right? So then I get
confused and grrrr.

Then I go to Justene's Performing Arts Fest and Trevor
(Danielles ex) was there. He is going out with Randy and
Randy told me shit that he said. Randy said she was waiting
for Trevor to get there and I had the look of ??? on my
face. So then Juss said "Danielles ex" and I clicked. Then
Randy is like isnt that the girl with the moustache?? Fuck
I got mad. I told Randy that Danielle was a good friend and
she kinda shut up. Then in the theater she was talking to
Trevor and she said something about Dani her moustache and
he looked like he was going to try to deny it but he knew
that if he did he would be fucked. So that really pissed me
off because thats exactly it. Thats all those fucked up
usless bastards are. Little ass holes that think its funny
to hurt someone as much as possible. It makes them feel
more like a man. I have news for you Trevor that fag earing
you wear in your ear, makes you look like a fucking cock.
Oh ya, you are one!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now Rohan is online and his messenger name is "Falling in
love all over again" and I asked him who with and he said
me and jess. Thats fucking sick. Alls we did was play a
little in the car. Gross

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