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2003-05-23 03:06:29 (UTC)

Good wishes are becoming - without freedom to earn

Good wishes are becoming reality. And maybe I get the job on gov. The problem I will lose my freedom to earn money.
I am discovering the secret to be rich on my business.
I will take some thousand bucks in next month just selling
books and what I learnt for years and months. But if I
get the job I will have no time to sell books. And I will
get just a regular revenue. If I need more I would make
a borrow. Not much smart to do it. Or then I make some
business on quote. It would give me less than I could win
selling books on streets. I preview a market of twenty thousand bucks for next three months. On the gov job I will
get just a quarter of it on a whole year.
There would be another way to work on gov and still maintain
a growing business. I am good to do propaganda and see market growig directions.
Thanks for all people over Internet that pushed me and wished me to get job on gov. I was still losing that because
mail could not find my address some months ago.
I am happy to make days good since 1998 when I finally could
access Internet using a modem. Thank you.
Better days for all heros world around. Song sung for people that could not reach the better place.
I will be rich and change World like Bill did. Using books
instead just programs.