Montana bound
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2003-05-23 04:23:32 (UTC)

A new dilemma

Well, I've still got prospects for a relationship. The
problem now is those prospects are with two girls, and I
don't know which to choose.
I still like Allison, I don't see that changing for
anything. Now, however, Jessica has entered the scene
again. I like her, as well, and I've been friends and more
with her for about five years now.
Of course, their hating each other doesn't help any. I
don't think Jessica would be bothered if I hooked up with
Allison, but I'm not sure how well Allison might take it if
I were to hook up with Jessica instead.
The scales were leaning toward Jessica last night. I
went to her choir concert at her high school, and we had a
great time. She actually flirted with me without hanging
all over ten other guys. I'm sure she still enjoys
attention just as much as she always has, but it seems
she's realized that boyfriends don't appreciate seeing
scores of other guys hanging all over her all the time.
Tonight, however, I'm not so sure. I really like
Jessica, I wouldn't even be considering the possibility if
I didn't. On the flip side, however, I really like
Allison, too. I've liked her since we were friends in 6th
grade, if not before that. Now that I finally seem to have
a chance with her, I'm extremely reluctant to give that up.
I don't know what the hell to do. I haven't spoken to
Allison since last weekend. If she weren't always so busy,
I would think she were trying to avoid me, but she's always
got something going on, so she rarely has time to talk on
the phone with someone at home. She almost never remembers
to return a call or just call me, either. Again, I would
take that in a bad light, but I'm just as bad if not worse,
so I can't blame her. Even if I weren't I don't think I
would. Regardless of what her feelings may be for me, I'm
already all but wrapped around her little finger.
I'm going to try to call Allison tomorrow. I need to
speak with her about this. I'm not going to come right out
and ask if she likes me, but I need some kind of sign.
After going through all the shit with K-Bitch and the lying
bastards, I'm going out on a limb here by trying to build
something with Allison, but if it works out, it will be
well more than worth it. I've only felt stronger about one
girl in my life than I do Allison, and I what I feel for
her is very similar to what led to my falling in love with

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