No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2003-05-22 22:58:18 (UTC)


Hey! How are you? I'm great. School is over! SUMMER! Yeah!
I ended up with a 95 in Math, and a 91 in History...I don't
know the rest of my grades yet. I'll find out when report
cards come. I was getting sick of school, so it's definitly
good to be able to do nothing for a while.
My dad went to Graduation. He had to sneak because his
whore of a wife (who is a "good Christian" but helps a man
commit adultry) in and not tell anyone he was here because
his wife's ex was bugging her. Yeah, sure. I dont believe
her for 5 seconds...
Lisa and Wendy left this morning. I'll miss them. :( But I
had fun :D
What did I do today? Woke up, layed out in the sun, and
painted my nails. Real constructive...huh?
Well, I'm going to jet. I'll ttyl. Love you, Terry.


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