enter my train of thought
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2003-05-22 20:27:59 (UTC)

it's to you i will always return

haha so me and elizabeth are listening to the spirit
soundtrack on this lovely rainy afternoon, and thats why
thats my title. cause thats what i was singing! how cool.

guess who's going to NYC this weekend? it's most definitely
not you.....! thats cause its me. im excited. too bad its
gonna rain like woah all weekend. that sucks. but haha i
told melillo that i was going and he said he wants to come
with me, so i told him he could but then he said he had a
softball tournament to plan, or cancel, depending on the
weather. which doesn't seem to want to cooperate. the jerk.

anyway. so... lets see, the last time i updated was to
spiel about ewan. i won't do that again.... but sheesh ewan
is awesome. anyway..... whats gone on in my life? what a
good question. well, i passed my behind the wheel road test
on tuesday afternoon. it was cool, i didnt make any errors.
i was freaking out that i was gonna screw up cause i drove
like crap the day before, but it was ok. it was also almost
pointless because i still can't get my lisence until july
26... so i have a while to wait. but i can do it!

so we have our spring chorus concert tonight... its not
gonna be the most awesome thing in the world, but i suppose
it'll be alright. too bad my head hurts like crazy still...

ok, i wanna spiel about american idol. im not saying the
show is stupid or moronic (even though maybe i should), i
just think it's disgusting how people shape the rest of
their lives around the show. like last night at the concert
rehearsal, we were supposed to leave at nine. but of
course, we weren't done yet, so we didn't leave til like
9:30. and you would not believe how many people i heard
complaining. they would all say something like "oh my gosh,
i can't believe she has the nerve to keep us past nine when
i need to get home to watch the american idol
announcement." i heard that so much... and i wanted to
shoot someone. i mean, i dunno if its just me, but
personally i think that making sure our show is gonna be
worthwhile for the audience to see is a lot more important
than watching the american idol announcement. stupid stupid
stuff. anyway....ryan just came over and laurens not out of
the shower yet so i guess im the one who gets to go
entertain him for awhile. this oughtta be interesting.