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2003-05-22 17:27:59 (UTC)


I dont know. I finally get a ps2. Weeee. I got dark cloud
with it. It is a pretty fun game. I havent got far in it
yet though. Ive had other things to do. Go figure. I had
to work last night and it really sucked cause our regionaly
manager was all inspecting us. I got a good review but i
was also the only person on dish. *SIGH* But then Alisha
got called in wich was cool. She took me home and it just
made the whole night worth it. Work is so much more fun
when you have somebody you like there. And having a girl
friend is a lot more fun when the farthest away they are is
between 15 and 20 minutes. Yeah. Im in a much better
mood lately. Well thats really all I have to talk about.
Laters people.