Me and My LIFE
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2003-05-22 17:08:49 (UTC)

two years later

ok for one now im graduating. and i really found my love.
mark was just a weird person and really i didnt LOVE him. i
could never love him. now i know what true love is. and
mark was not true love. my baby chris is my true love. he
makes my laugh, he loves me, and hes a great person unlike
mark................. wich is very controlling and needs
help. really i dont like him at all and i wish i would have
never met him. since i last wrote there has been alot going
on in my life. im out of school. im getting married in 2
years to a very loving man, i dont hang out with the same
people! i moved away from that old block. war is going on
now and my friends jason and jen is in iraq fighting. wich
really sucks. today im gfoing to look for a job at sams.
and tomorrow is my birthdayim going to be 18. the last time
i wrote i was 16 and stupid...... now i think i know what i
want. i want a good life, loving husband, a good job and2
wonderful children. oh and i start collage in the fall.
ok thats it for now it proberly wont be anoter 2 years
untill i write.
with love,