my diary that i write in when im bored,
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2003-05-22 16:56:10 (UTC)


hey... about last night's entry, i was at churhc and then
dad was like "garrett i wish u had t ouse ur computer then
u could kick her off and we could leave" so i was like ok
ill get off, although they were in the next room adn then
garrett comes in and says "i need my copm,puter" in this
fake voice lol and i was like "yea im getting off dont
worry" and amy was like 'do you really need it?" i was
laughing he was like "no." so she got on and we left. today
i was gonna mow oiur grass. but guess what. its raining. go
figure. so im up here in dads room waiting for casey to get
back on. its like almsot 1 pm. thats the only reason im on
now, im waiting for casey. there he is *yay* ok. so i
meating vegetable soup(i couldn't find any thing i wanted)
and a pickle and im dreaking... blue ice lemonade kool-aid.
yuum yum. such a fancy delicious meal. like i said i dont
know what i want. i can't find what i want. i dont kNOW
what i want. or how to make what i want. lol. ne wayh im
gonna go, read and sing while i chat. lol... i multitask
too muhc. last night i was playing game cube. zelda.. wind
waker woo hoo im almost to my 'heros" training, at the
tower thing about hyrule. this is the second time. i am
wayyyy past that at becca's, but i dfon't have their memory
card so i had to start al lover tuesday night. ne way i m
gonna go bye

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