2003-05-22 16:17:07 (UTC)

Cute Moments

And it was cute...

we were sitting on the tailgate in the desert in this
microtown's DQ and the wind kept blowing her hair in my
mouth and I'm like "eating your hair" and she's like 'you
know you're close to your friend when you eat her hair..."

She prefers Brunettes

She loved the 2 chicks that got together on Fifth Wheel
(as in laughing her head off and clapping her hands...)

She kept planning her retirement with in when I
retire we'll have to get a trailer and move around

We kept planning our house in location...I
said I needed a porch...she wants it to be mobile so we
could move around wherever we want

We were playing cards and I was cold and we were sitting
next to each other so she put her blanket around me
(around my shoulders) so her arm was around me sometimes
and we shared that blanket

It was cold in one of the states...Williams Arizona I
think so we slept facing each other our legs pressed
against each other...our forheads grazing each other's...

I got to cut her hair and brush it and stuff...

She cut the tag off of my bathing suit (the tag happens to
be located right sorta under my armpit but closer to my
boob...very nice.

My hair fell forward and she pushed it out of the way.

We know each other's breakfast routines so well I'd go to
the bathroom and I'd come back and everything would
already be set up for me...

We would so compromise when shopping...cuz she knows I'm
not a huge fan of ceasar but she asked if we could get
some and I must have looked disappointed but I agreed cuz
she came back with Italian Ceasar (cuz she knows my
favorite dressing is Italian). Stuff like that...

She bought me ice cream for no apparent reason...

We were looking at these fuzzy leopard pants that were on
sale and she's like "you should buy'd look
cute in them"

We kept saying the exact same things at the same
the point where we would start laughing cuz one time she
picked up the soap and at the same time we both
said "happy soap" there was nothing about the soap
that looks 'happy' but yeah...a lot of times we would do
things like that which was cute...

We went to a restaurant and she got the salad buffet and I
didn't and she came back with jello and pineapple for me
without me saying a thing (I didn't even know there was
pineapple there!)

Every morning when we woke up we would roll towards each
other, curled up on our sides (if we weren't already) and
doze. And then we'd open our eyes every once in a while
and if our eyes met she'd smile all cute and then close
her eyes again...

We were in Mexico and well...ok so when we vaccinate/deworm horses
she puts stuff in my pockets (of my jacket) and she's stuck stuff in
my back pocket before BUT...In Mexico, I just bought this fruit
thing and my hands were super full and she didn't want to break her
20 or whatever so I was like "I have change in my front pocket...but
you'll have to get it" so she went digging around in my front pocket
for a while...Very Nice!!! Lol

That's all I can think of for now...I know there's more
but I'll do a part 2 when I remember...