Nick's Journal
2003-05-22 14:23:36 (UTC)


ah sports. the last refuge a man can take from this
vagina lead world. not any more! you'd think that golf
would be safe from the pre-menstrual syndrome monster but
nooooooo, we now have this WOMAN in a MAN'S sport. oh boo
fucking hooo. i love how these golfers are eating their
own shit cos annika sorenstam gets to compete against
them. so what? i'm surprised that more women haven't
demanded this! i mean men's sports get paid more so why
shouldn't they insist that they be allowed ot join when
they want? besides what are these guys (vijay singh) so
god damn worried about? if you're so sure she doesn't
belong why are you still so threatened?
fucking ridiculous. the only thing i hvae against it is
that she's sorta like tiger woods. he (and she right now)
gets more money just to show up and take part than the
winner of the tournament will get....and besides she's not
looking for a big step for women she just wants the cash.
i love the fact that 'unorthodox' people school
the 'traditional' participants in a sport. for
excample....tiger woods! schooling all those white boys in
golf....ah what a sweet redemption for the black
race...and cambodian, and indonesian, and chinese, and
eskimo.....jesus how many ethnicities is this guy? i mean
did his mother just go around collecting the sperm of
every race out there? christ! he's like a bionic robot.
anyhow, moving on. then there's the william's sisters.
their father is a black redneck and their a bunch of
steroid hyped crazed out crack heads....but it's so sweet
to see them school the white girls.
and of course my absolute favorite...the dallas
mavericks. sure they'll lose to the spurs, but it is so
sweet when one of those white boys schools one of those
pretentious black basketball players. oh so sweet. yes,
sports has always been about cross-competition...just take
boxing. i hope that annika schools all of those guys cos
that would be the best thing ever...what i really love is
that tiger woods is "taking the week off"..........i swear
to you these guys are terrified of finishing behind her.
but see, the problem for annika is that she has to keep
the ole hormones in check for four rounds of golf, and
that's about as likely as finding a puerto rican with some
dignity. i mean come on guys, atleast lie to us and tell
us you're mexican.....they make such great burritoes.