Eyes of a fallen angel

Just another Disturbance
2003-05-22 11:58:44 (UTC)

2 more dayz

2 more days of school left! :' I do not want it to be over
this year was way to fast. I went thru a lot this year.
Made new friends and broke them. I went out with someone. I
found out the hard way about not trying in school does to
you. Well on Friday I am dressing all "GANGSTER/RAPPER" i
cannot wait i am doing the whole thing southpole, tight ass
pants like the puerto ricans and the Air Force ones! The
last day of school is gunna kick so much ass. I am also
walking home with my best friend Frankie so thats gunna be
cool. I wont have to be in a rush to get to the bus on time
and say bye to everyone too. I am gunna miss Frankie so
much over the summer but he will get online i suppose. I
love him to death. He would be half of the reason i go to
school to hang out with him. He makes me laugh 24:7 all the
time. You have to stay close to people like him. It's getting
kinda late i figure if i wanna make it to school i better
go get ready. Peace out (my rapper lingo)