Eyes of a fallen angel

Just another Disturbance
2003-05-22 11:54:03 (UTC)


"stop the tourment"
"stop the torture"
she yells at him to
please stop doing this to her
it hurts she tells him
the pain ceases to stop.
She kicks him as hard as she can
He hits her to the floor
She weeps with anguish
She asks herself "why me?"
"why is he like this to me?"
Other thoughts approach her mind
"What did I do?"
She thinks to herself that she will never get away
She thought wrong
This young girl escaped the torture of his wrath
She gave into it
She was the lucky one that could escape rape, you could be

Written by: Jordan Terrell

This poem is about a girl who gets raped and taken
advantage of by a young male/boyfriend. She indures the
pain for large amounts of time. So finally she gave into
the pain and let him and he stopped.