champagne supernova
2003-05-22 07:49:09 (UTC)

aqueous transmission

do you just feel nothing? i was in that mood . i didnt
feel happiness, i didnt feel mad, i was not sad.i felt wast neseccarily a bad feeling. just odd. i
normally have some feeling running through my mind. i was
nervous for a time becasue it hit me right beforei went on
to do my scene today that it was tommorrow....the play of
course. and im scared. its my first play and im nervous.
but wow what a rush. its a great feeling. i just hope i do
well *prays* alana let me drive her car around spyglass!!
it was wonderful im really getting it down which is a
great feeling. denise drove and she is veryy good. she has
wnderful judgement of when to break and what knot. ash
drove for her first time! way to go ash! she did so well!
so did cristal! (POSSUM!) LOL i had a good night and i now
i should be in bed and im goingt o be in about 10 minutes
here. also , i wanted to say jon, i hope you feel
better.and chris whatever itis thats on your mind, dont
letit take away the best part of you, your mind. we'll all
get through this. lets show them why we ARE the drama
kids. lets get frosty, and show them how its done.