No Excuses

Pillow Of Your Bones
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2003-05-22 04:25:13 (UTC)

wow...3 entries in 1 day...

im confused. i had FUN today. y do things hafta get in the
way of that? im becoming paranoid! -self esteem! ha! i
thought i gained a lil but now i just dont know. i dont
know what is going on! its 10 pm and im sitting here doing
nothing! and im cold! y is my house always so damn
cold?! :'( this isnt good. im sick of trying. im bored. i
wish i had a life. i cant wait to move! maybe then...?
then again, what makes me think things are going to be any
different then?

and im soo confused about him!


laura and paul are here.



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