hello kitty cat
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2003-05-22 03:34:49 (UTC)


I ended up getting some pretty cool stuff today....I got
myself a Picasso print..and a Klimt print...I also got
myself some new pillows (: hah. I've been thinking about
Ian...poor thing is going to be in boarding school another
month. I just now wrote him a letter...I was a little
irritated though because I have to write w/besides pencils
are "mike pain" pens....none of them work anyway. hah. I
got a lot done today though, I cleaned and ran all of the
errands I've been putting off lately. I talked to Steven
earlier also...I think we're going to hang out--we'll see.
I have to fucking wake up at like 7:30ish tomorrow--it
fucking sucks..but at least I'm getting paid right? So I'm
going to sleep pretty damn soon. I'm so tired from last
night it's not even funny. And fucking Mickey is talking to
me now...being a weirdo--I always get the guys I'm totally
uninterested in......why????
DIRT SO MAD: go to the back room tonight
CzarinaPulseczar: I have to wake up at 7:30 tomorrow to
go to work
CzarinaPulseczar: why are you guys playing a show?
DIRT SO MAD: so.....
CzarinaPulseczar: so I need to go to sleep
DIRT SO MAD: karaoke
CzarinaPulseczar: why who is playing?
CzarinaPulseczar: lol
DIRT SO MAD: hahahaha
CzarinaPulseczar: dude I almost fell asleep a min ago
DIRT SO MAD: so....
CzarinaPulseczar: so I am going to sleep in a few
CzarinaPulseczar: what?
CzarinaPulseczar: ??
DIRT SO MAD: i love you
CzarinaPulseczar: no you don't, you don't know me
DIRT SO MAD: i want to get to know you
CzarinaPulseczar: that's nice of you to say
DIRT SO MAD: to bad you dont want to get to know me
CzarinaPulseczar: no I'll get to know you
CzarinaPulseczar: you're a cool guy so far
DIRT SO MAD: yah but you didnt want to earlier
CzarinaPulseczar: you just live in fucking south austni
CzarinaPulseczar: earlier when?
DIRT SO MAD: when we first met
CzarinaPulseczar: I did just as much as I do now
CzarinaPulseczar: you're a cool guy but I told you I'm
not looking to hook up with anyone
DIRT SO MAD: what doy ou mean by hook up?
CzarinaPulseczar: I mena, I'll be your friend, but I'm
not looking for a fuck buddy/boyfriend/anything like that
at all

OK I think I'm going to get off the computer.........

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