My Life.............
2003-05-22 02:05:33 (UTC)

depressed again....:(

i weighed myself today, i gained another 3 pounds, i dont
understand how or why this is happening, ive been working
so hard, i just dont know what else to do, ive cut back on
my calories again, the only thing i know to do is go back
to eating once a day, but, i hated it...:(
its not like im eating anything now, i eat my cereal for
breakfast, have a salad for lunch and supper, and a snack
at night, thats it, and i still walk 3 times a day, get on
my bike and i ride my other bike sometimes, and do
stretches morning and night, maybe im just destined to be
fat, i dont know.:( i was 132 and now im 143, i just dont
i did get new pills, the once daily ones that get your
metabolism going, and im still on my fat burners, i wish i
knew what im doing wrong, im about going nuts.:( :( :( :(