A Day In The Life Of Sam
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2003-05-22 01:58:36 (UTC)

American Idol

wow i am a loser...what did i do tonite? well...whats the
title thing say...yea i am a slacker...american idol sucks
i mean they sit there and say the winner...will be
announced after the break...that pisses a person off after
about the 3rd time...but anywayz i hope the fat black dude
wins((i dont know his name!))we all need another biggie in
the world of music...except this guy obviously likes gospel
type shit...the lil skinny white guy is kinda like pee wee or am i the only one that thought that??? ooo
well...what else did i do today??? ummm...went to skool
came home...went BAK to te BAK home...then
brenton called and asked me if i was bored enough to take
him to practice n i was like yea actually i i took
him to baseball practice (p.s brenton if ur readin this...u
baseball pants = mucho mucho sexay lol) he was sportin
them red knee socks lol...but it worked for him. then i
was gunna take his brother to get his car...but it wasnt
ready (p.s. brentons brother has really pretty eyes...ok
yea i jus thought i'd share that...dunno y) but yea im home
now and tomorrow i will be finishin my S.S. Project (unless
doin sumthin better comes up!) well i will holla at ya'll

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