Shellie Benellie

Me and My Life
2003-05-22 00:05:41 (UTC)


Another day in this seeming to be endless week! Half day
tommorow and it is starting to seem like I will have
nothing to do! Today was a long day. Nothing really
exciting or sum what interesting happened. The only thing
kinda kewl is that I raised about a 106 dollars today for
AIDS Walk Run. thats made good and I'm wicked stoked!! I
only have to earn about 394 more dollars lol. Hopefully
Saturday I can get out to my Grandma's house with either
Suzanna or Nina to earn more money for AIDS Walk Run!! O
it is superly cold outside my feet turned purple it was
kinda funny and then my nose froze. I wonder what there is
to be done this weekend? I dont want to sit home on my arss
all weekend and end up doing nothing. O Maybe there will
be a cook out on the Lake Sunday. That would be major
fun...I hope! And for like the first time in eight weeks I
heard from Anthony!! I really kinda liked him alot. But
then there is Saul, which I will never ever know if I will
see him again. Only if he moved back in with his dad and
lil brother!! It would make me want to go to school and
go to work everyday. Yeah we'll anyway Hopefull this
feeling will be solved tommorow third period and maybe
things can go back to the way they were.!!

***ADVICE- when in a fight things may never go back to the
way they were. so let the little things slide and tell your
friend how you are feeling and pray that things can be
worked out!!

Hopefully.... Friends Till THe End!!!