hello kitty cat
2003-05-21 21:54:43 (UTC)

my thoughts

I spent the day cleaning....what a lovely day off. I woke
up this morning next to someone I shouldn't have let sleep
next to me in my bed. And all I'm thinking about today is
how I fucking have to wake up at 7:30 tomorrow. Everything
is so stagnant in my life. I might have to sue my father if
he really stole my bond.....that's insane. I just can't
believe the directions my life goes in. I miss my best
friend. I know I'll see him again whether it be tomorrow or
in 10 years....but I miss him NOW. I washed a whole lot of
laundry todya...and I have one of his white shirts. I
thought I had given it back...I hate shit that reminds me
of him....I didn't get to give him that pink floyd shirt
either. I know he doesn't give a fuck either way so I'm
giong to stop right here. I am going to hobby lobby--and
barnes and noble....I'm making Stephanie go with me since
Mike is no longer avalible--fuck this.