2003-05-21 21:35:28 (UTC)


hey all, i've decided to make this journal all about my
baby and i, in other words from now on i will be typing
things about my baby and i, anything he does to upset me,
a dream i may have had about him, and so on. i most likely
won't be typing in here everyday since i rarely have time
to myself anymore. although that should be changing very
soon...i'll be getting shorter work hours at my job and my
coaching will also be done. i should already be done
coaching but some of the kids i coach made it to state
sectionals so after that i'm finished coaching unless they
move on even further. i should really stop calling them
kids though, some of them are only a few years younger
than me. sometimes i forget my own age, then again no need
to remember it, its only a number with no real
significance. i don't remember if i stated this in any of
the previous entries but my sexy D is older than me by
quite a few years but i couldn't be happier. see he's not
like guys my age, he's not as immature as they are. sure
he knows how to have fun but he also knows when to be
serious. guys my age are the immature frat guys that only
want to get drunk and get into your pants and i'm not into
that whole one night stand crap. my damian is perfect for
me, he makes me feel so special like i'm the greatest
person on earth. he treats me like a queen which no guy
has ever done to me. he is just so sweet and caring not to
mention just so dang sexy. i thank God each day and night
for bringing such a wonderful man into my life. i never
thought i did something that great to actually deserve
anything/anybody like him. he brings such joy and
happiness in to my life. i don't think i would've survived
some of the days that i have without him. he may not know
it but he's helped me through a lot ( thank you so so much
hunny, i am so grateful for you.) i better get going so i
can go take a nice warm shower. SOng of the Entry- "Far
Far Away" -Five Iron Frenzy

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