The Faeries' Revenge
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2003-05-21 20:12:07 (UTC)

Wed 21 May 2003: freaky-deaky guard dog

This morning I awoke to my dog hunched in the middle of my
room, her fur standing on end, ears pressed down, and
ferocious growling directed at the corner of the room. I
stood and glared at her, said "what the hell's your
problem?" and told her to shut up. After she tucked her
tail down and looked afraid, I checked my door to make sure
no one was there, and no one was. So I crouched down and
tried to follow the path of her sight and discovered, to my
surprise, my tiny little hermit crab had climbed out of his
new cage and was hiding behind my box of Kool-Aid Pops.
Leave it to my dog to go into Code Red over a tiny hermit
crab. On the plus side, I now know my crabs are safe--if
they get out of the cage my dog will find them and show me,
so they won't get lost and die.