Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2003-05-21 17:36:56 (UTC)

french toast dreams

today, i have woken early

i made some french toast with
strawberries, and maple syrup
and a sprinkle of icing sugar

i was sitting there eating them
when i suddenly thought how the
whole world seems to be passing
me by, without a care in the
world, i decided, that in the end
it's all about one thing...

french toast..

i can mark timelines by how i have
made french toast..

it's totally fucked up...

for instance..

last june, the only time i ever
made french toast with blueberries
was the first time i had ever
emailed tess, i remember it, cause
i had emailed a friend about it,
the blueberries i mean, and the
email is right above the one that
i had sent to tess in my hotmail

in late august, i made french toast,
and put an egg on top with a bit
of cayanne and chili peppers, why?
because some aussie chick said it
would taste good... it did too..
it was also the same week i finally
got a job...

there are other instances... november
i made plain french toast with nutmeg
and hardly any cinnimon, and i got
my laptop...

i made french toast for kris when she
and i had sex in march... i dunno why,
i just did.. maybe because for some
strange reason, it felt like...

like a dream...

all things seem to be wrought in dreams..

for me, it seems that french toast is the
catalyst for all things cathartic..

food for thought? mmm, weird...