2003-05-21 16:47:05 (UTC)

i need advice.

why is it that when you find someone to spend the rest of
your life with something is always in the way. there is
this guy i used to be with but i moved so things didn't
work. well, i moved back and we both have spent the passed
3 years looking for eachother. but now that we have
eachother again, he is living with someone. he does not
want to be with her but he is trapped. they are both on
the lease so he can't leave yet. i love him and he loves
me. but i don't want to be the cause of him cheating on
her. i don't believe in chaeting but if he does not listen
to his heart then he is cheating his self out of love. i
don't know what to do. i believe that you should only be
with one person but i also believe you should listen to
your heart. we want to be together but she is still in the
picture. i am to the point to where i just don't care any
more and will do anything to finally be able to be with
him. what should i do?