DayDream Believer
2003-05-21 11:14:00 (UTC)

You and me

Me and Tommy had a hard time (agen!!!)but its all over now.
I`ll tell you about it later, I was going to write then but
I was so sad and it would only make me sader, I can not
even count to the number of times I`ve cryed the last
couple of days, feels slike I`ve been doing nothing but
crying. And now I wont wite it cause Im so happy and it
will stil make me a bit sad to think about it.

I got to think a little these days, I`ve always known that
I love Tommy and that he mean so much to me, but that he
means THIS MUCH I had no idea, it scared me, but stil I
cant stop loving him.

Yesterday I called in sick at work and went so see him
cause I had missed him so much and feelt so awful without
him, when he opend the door I just huged him and he huged
me back, I could see that it feelt as right for him as it
did to me.
Since none of us had got much sleep the night before I
asked if we could go to bed, and so we did. It was so good
to lie next to him agen and I`ve really missed it.
Afther we had talk he was in the kichen making tomato soup
and garlic bdread (mmm)and I walked in to him, huged him
and right before I opend my mouth to speak, he said the
excat same thing that I was gonna tell. "its only you and
me" I started to laugh and he asked why, so I told him that
I was about to say the same thing when he did it;-)
Its a kind of expression in Norwegian that mens that we
have a lot of truble but belongs to eacth other anyway.
Feel so good that we bout can see it that way.

Right now Im happy-happy, have the same feeling that I had
the first time I feelt in love with someone, dunno how to
express my self, all I do is smiling so everyone keeps
asking why. Im so glad all the truble is over for this
time, that we are bouht agree on what we want and that I
have the best boyfriend ever!!
I told Cessy today at school that if I ever start complaing
about Tommy agen, please hit me hard in the face, hehe, I
really hope she remind me of this if I ever do.
Feels like I`ve fall in love with him all over agen, I got
butterflyes in my stomach and this bleze in my eyes.
There are nothing to worry about- its only you and me.

Love Angel

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