lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2003-05-21 05:34:08 (UTC)

white days like these

satan sure likes to prey upon you on a rough day, eh? yeah. i'm
sitting all stressed over things going on right now, and i had one of
those "ahh all my personal situations are in God's hands" type of
weekends...and was feeling quite great...but the emotionality of
everything today just made me freak out and bigger, weirder
stuff pops into mind...SARS-exposed students at UCSB, mad
cow disease hitting canada, the terrorism warning level going up
again, flying on an airplane in a month or so, being behind the wheel
with insane people...and even when i get good at trusting God to fix my
personal problems, i'm scared out of my mind about the really
important stuff. i need to trust Him so so much. i need to realize
how much He's done for me and is still doing. i need to simmer.