2003-05-21 03:19:14 (UTC)

New Info...

I found out some new info. about that dude that I keep
seing in the hallways. I dig his look. Still. My friend
Yesenia, (You will really think it is a small world when
you read this.) her grandma's house is like 2 houses away
from his, and she says he sits on the steps often. She also says that he's a junior, and people say
he's nice, that know him. She doesn't know him personally.
She also told me what she thinks his name is. She was
pretty sure of his nickname though. Sunny. I laughed. It's
funny cause he doesn't look like the sun. (That's the
nickname.) His actual name is I think something like
Santiago. I still think Sunny is quite funny. Cause
normally you think the guy from Sunny and Cher. But no.
This guy looks alternative. So I laughed. It's quite weird.
Yesenia, Erica, (the monotonous one and I were talking
about guys.) Oh yeah, the subject of him came up in that
conversation cause I realized he does have 5th lunch and I
guess always goes to Taco Bell. Maybe Mandella as well. Or
he was just ditching. But anyway yeah. It's as funny as a
big blue bunny. Somehow we always talk about guys with
Yesenia. Good looking guys too.

Tomorrow is the first performance. Today we had a boom box.
Yesenia brought hers like she said. I gotta bring some more
cd's though, cause we need some good beat. Ms. Mannon
wasn't pissed or anything. I don't think she heard us. The
only one that was complaining about the sound was
Christina, but that's only cause she didn't want us to get
in trouble. Saul and I danced. I somehow imagined the event
with some more people. I wish I could sneak some people in.
I'm thinking Nelson. But no, I could get kicked out from
the play for that. (I promised Saul a lap dance within the
next three days if he does me one in return. He said, get
this, what kind. Then we discussed the options of clothing.
I brought up the idea of clothes since he has a girlfriend.)
I liked the way he danced. Whenever a guy does that whole
body roll thing next to you I think it's sexy. Especially
when he knows what he's doing. If he has no clue then it's
bad. But if he's a take charge kinda guy, it's damn sexy.
He's in between. Tomorrow we're signed out for the whole
day so it would be really cool if we would have a longer

Gosh that sunny guy is good looking. And only a junior I
wouldn't believe by the looks of it.

But anyway, yeah I'll fill you folks in on it later. I must
get sleep. And more people to dance tomorrow. But these two
guys made my day today. They made it quite well, since I
had a very nauseaus start. Oh well, ademain.