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2003-05-21 01:45:16 (UTC)

english again

I have this english assignment now. i finnaly get to write
like myself!!! i have to write a short story, but it can be
about ANYTHING I WANT. the catch is it can ONLY be 2 pgs
double spaced wich is'nt fair becuase as long as i get to
write i should have freedome, and the only reason that we
have that limmit is becuase she's to lazy to check all the
papers becuase there too long!!!! man that pisses me off
but wtvr at least i get to write whats on my mind. I dunno
if avi is even my friend anymore, he said i was shallow,
and for some reason i cant get over it, becuase i feel like
he's the one thats not seeing the whole big picture so to
speak, he's the shallow one that cant see me. he shrugs off
anyhting imp i ever have to say about anything all the time
and ignors it like it's nothing and then says that I'M
shallow. it's not like he's ever had much importiant to say
on anything. and now i just feel like i should keep my
mouth shut about anyhting i have to say. It's like i'm non-
existant in school now, like that litle kid in school that
neverhas any friends and ends up killing himself. even the
ppl who hate me dont even look at me, i dont think they
notice me. Barely any of my friends talk to memuch anymore
becuase i dont talk to them, like i'm invisible almost.i
mostely stare off into nothingness now and i dont even have
a single thought in my mind when i do. i dont even hear
anyhting, see anything, feel anyhting, i'm simply there. i
feel mad at the world for being so fucked up right now and
i dont even get how things could be the way they are.

current music-voodoo glow skulls:"shoot the moon"