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2003-05-21 01:38:04 (UTC)

bible school?

yup! im here at the office and i took the courage to go to
this website and type something... oh well.. i know i
know.. im sorry about that.. been busy always :( and aside
from that im kinda not in the mood to type but u know wut?
ive got a lot of things to tell you diary lolz...but i
just dont have the mood to type it all right now.. so im
typing non sense as of the moment..

anyways.. life is still good so far.. m in the process of
deciding whether i would enrol in a bible school or
not...kinda disturbed since this thing never left my
mind.. i dunno if God is really calling me or what..

Lord God, please please.. speak to me...I know I can
already hear a few from you but please give me a clear
sign and go signal...thank you!

that's it.. i gotta go..

that would be all for now.


9:38 am

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