~ShOrTy BrItTy~

My LiFe
2003-05-21 00:59:56 (UTC)

2 poems


The knife is on my chest, just ready to be pushed.
I’m under to much stress, I can’t get over it.
I just need to lay down and die.
My heart start to race, as I get the courage to push.
But I pull it away and lower it the my arm.
I feel the coldness of the blade up against it, I cut.
Soon the blood from my arm starts to drip.
My stress fades away.
As I look at the puddle on the floor, it starts to become a
ocean of my pain and anger.
I start to cry, I don’t no why I do it.
But I just can’t stop.

The pain in my head is killing me.
To much to deal with, to much to handle.
I am tired of people talking shit, its killing me inside.
I love him a lot, but having to stick up for him and then
I just can’t take it, help me please!
I just sit there listen to what they are saying.
But then my heart takes over and there stabbing words seam
to fade away.
I’m glad I have him, I don’t tell him any of this because I
just can’t take it.
Your the sweetest person I have ever dated.
You tell me thing that know one ever said, that they just
want to make me cry.
I just want to cry in your arm, to feel your warmth around
I just can’t help but loving you.

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