Marco Jacksonovic

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2003-05-20 22:41:51 (UTC)

Its All Over.

Tomorrow, at 2.15, I finish my university course. And I
walk out of the exam hall/room/venue, and rush home to
watch Its A Wonderful Life, for that is what I intend to
do. Curled up with a nutty coffee. (Totally Nuts its
called. Really nice. Buy it, Norwich residents)
doesn't help me any now. From this morning, I've felt
absolutely saturated with Phonological knowledge, I must
have done like 50 hours revision for this one exam, which
is 50% (In all probability) analysis of Phonetic things.

It doesn't help now, though does it? It doesn't make going
to sleep thinking I've done everything any the more
likely. Its not like my dissertation. That I had a limit
on, and a definite plan. Once I'd finished it, I'd
finished it. Now, it isn't over until I either fly or tank
tomorrow. I can't wait.

I want to go there. Now. You can do that.

You can't though.

I'll try it myself.

WILT? The Terrible Sound Of Failure. And My Perfect Cousin
by The Undertones.