2003-05-20 20:14:10 (UTC)

Hookers here we cum

I can not believe what me and Jess did last night. We were
talking to a guy from town and obviously he wanted sex. He
has big money so that was cool. He was offering us money to
do things with him but that made us feel to much like
hookers. So we said no. I had always wanted to have a
threesome though and this kind of made a good oppertunity.
I dont remember how it came up but eventually we said yes.
He picked us up from Buy Low because we didnt want him
comming to my house. We went to the Glennwood parking lot
and oh my fucking God. After the extremly uncomfortable
silence, Jess and him joined me in the back seat. So me and
Jess started kissing because that was the easiest for us
and then I hear him making little noises and realize she
already has his crotch. She wants his money! She ended up
doing most of it because I love the feel of a cock but I
can not put that thing in my mouth. She was sucking him off
and it was fucking hilarious to hear him mumble how good
she was. I mean this is my gf sucking a guy off. It was
something different. I dont think I was turned on once that
whole time. He says next time we can tie him up and watch
us do eachother (thats always been one of my kinky
fantasy's) So even though he gave us money and smokes, he
says we are not his whores and he is not our pimp. He is
just helping us ladies out. Fuck whatever. I got a bit of
cock. It was just hard cramed in the back seat of his car.
Next time I hope we'll have more room ;-D