People are evil WHy?
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2003-05-20 17:57:22 (UTC)

I haven't

I haven't written in here forever! I keep forgeting.
Nothing spectacular has happened. Except I lost 22 lbs.!
Wooo that was work. Well I am off of the diet for a week
and today for lunch I am eating a freaking burrito, damn I
missed those things! Oh they are SOOOOOO good! I am mad at
my friend because she never shows up to school and she
never has a reason why. I have a placement test today at
the college and it is suppose to be easy. I hope so.
Anyways I am bored and annoyed. People on the internet are
so dorky and horny, I swear. I met a guy last night who
lives in the same hick town as my coousin does. He wants me
to go visit my couosin so we can meet. He wants me to give
him a BJ, but i'm like hell NO!

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