It smells like poop over here
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2003-05-20 16:42:37 (UTC)

i've got an idea for a movie

...and it goes like this." i love the vandals, they kick
ass. an old school, funny, ass kicking punk band. can't get
much better than that.
im not too sure what's goin on. i got drunk off my ass,
left a crazy message on lauren's voice mail. god knows what
i said. im at the library with her now, im supposed to help
her sister make a 5 minute film later on. otherwise id be
sleeping off my hang-over, but im starting to sober up now.
im gonna try to quit smoking again, sooner or later. im
gonna try to lose some more weight, which i know i am,
cause i borrowed shawn's belt, which only used to fit on
the first hole, now i can wear it on the second, but im
gonna try to pack on some more muscle.
shawn is pissing me off though. he's just getting really
annoying, so is joe. i swear, they're helpless without me.
they can't do anything for themselves cause they're so
indecisive. but i think i finally made peace with lauren t.
yeah, she hurt me pretty bad, and lied or put off the
lying, but i think we're ok now. i was the one who was mad
at her anyway...i think. same with laura, i think we're
getting along ok too now. i still ignore her, same with
lauren, but im not just gonna forgive them for what they
did to me....sounds overconfident, but i