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2003-05-20 15:00:36 (UTC)

so sad...

hey... yesterday, my dad picked me up from school at about
12:20(i had a half day) and my sister was beeping him, 911.
which obviously meant it was really important. well we
were out in the middle of suffolk and to call her would
have been long distance, so we drove till we were in the
area enough. so he called. it turns out.. sunday, aroud 2
pm, a friend of ours, april, and her fiance were driving
down west road. and the steering of their
2001 mustang locked up. then went into the ditch. steph
thinks they hit some water oir somethign because it was
raining all day long. i saw the tree, they must have hit
it, it was all splintered. but um ne way.. well... her seat
belt crushed her pelvic bone, and it took them an hour to
get her out, because the car was so badly bent. dad said
they had to use the jaws of life(which if you odnt know, i
didn't, its where they use a big machine that basically
cuts apart cars and they just chop parts of the car apart
till they can get the body out. i thought he mentioned
something about hydrolics to). an hour. well i guess then
they got to the hospital around 3, 3:30. she was alive, as
was her fiance. but she went into cardiac arrest around 5.
she died. and she was pregnant too :( she wasn't far enoug
halong, the baby's dead too. her fiance's arm was broken in
17 places. they had to operate on it, and i think on his
eye. he's now blind in one eye. if anybody reads this while
i really hope they do, pray for that family. poor dustin
(her brother) they were best friends. its really sad when
things like this happen. please pray. i know i will.